Universal Hose & Mask Maintenance Adapter Kit - Soclean 2 & 3

SoClean Inc.SKU: PNA1604-23



This Universal Adapter Kit (with hose sleeves) can be used attach SoClean 2 or 3 Series Sanitizers to CPAP Masks and Tubing without any connection to a CPAP machine.

This kit is compatible with all CPAP Masks and all types of CPAP tubing and hoses including standard, slim, performance and heated.

The Universal SoClean Mask & Tubing Adapter Kit allows you to clean and sanitize masks and tubing without any connection to your CPAP machine. It is especially useful for people who have multiple masks and tubes that they need to sanitize; and for people who love the benefits of SoClean Sanitizers; but have concerns about using SoClean to sanitize the internal parts of their sleep therapy device.

This kit comes with two Hose Sleeves - ensuring you have a backup on hand for future use. The Hose Sleeve is only required with 12mm hoses. It is not needed with 15mm or larger diameter hoses.

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