H2O 4 CPAP Ion Distilled Water System

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Using distilled water in your water chamber will maximize its life and minimize the risk of any dangerous bacteria growth.


Contaminants found in tap water can form dangerous, sandpaper-like scale within your CPAP humidifier water chamber. It will then become a breeding ground for bacteria pathogens. These pathogens, which thrive in warm, moist environments within CPAP water chambers, can harm the respiratory system, which is why sleep professionals warn of using dangerous unfiltered tap water.


CPAP machines require gallons on gallons of distilled water each year, and that cost can add up. The H2O 4 CPAP Ion Distilled Water System can instantly turn tap water into distilled water thus eliminating the need to spend all that money on purchasing distilled water.


Unlike conventional drinking water filter pitchers which do not remove calcium, our H2O 4 CPAP water distilled device is designed specifically to remove contaminants from tap water to protect the health of sleep apnea patients. Simply insert one of the new filter cartridges into the pitcher, and pour tap water into the small compartment located near the pitcher handle. Be careful not to over-fill the pitcher. In just seconds, you will have a full pitcher of clean water!

This pitcher is compatible with both Alkaline and H2O 4 CPAP Ion Distilled Filters. This package includes only the Ion Distilled Filters.

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