EZ Distilled Water Filtration System (H2O 4 CPAP Mini)




The EZ Distilled Water Filtration System (H2O 4 CPAP Mini) is easy to use -- effectively removing calcium, manganese and other contaminates from tap water -- to create instant distilled water for use in CPAP machine humidifiers. It is ideal for use at home and when traveling. Each pack comes complete with the EZ Distilled Water Filtration System (H2O 4 CPAP Mini) chamber, the chamber base, and one filter.

Easy On Your Wallet

For proper operation, CPAP machines with humidifiers require gallons on gallons of distilled water each year, and that cost can add up. The EZ Distilled Water Filtration System (H2O 4 CPAP Mini) quickly turns tap water into distilled water thus eliminating the need to spend all that money on purchasing distilled water - not to mention less trips to the store! Each EZ Distilled filter cartridge will provide distilled water for up to 30-days (approximately 3.25 gallons total) of use.

Rids Tap Water of Harmful Contaminants

Using regular tap water in your CPAP humidifier can create dangerous bacteria and residue buildup that can be toxic to inhale. CPAP and BiPAP manufacturers recommend only distilled water be used in sleep therapy humidifiers. Unfortunately purchasing distilled water frequently can be inconvenient and expensive. However filtering your tap water through the EZ Distilled System first, provides instantly ion-distilled water that is safe for CPAP and BiPAP use.

Usage Information

The EZ Distilled Water Filtration System is designed specifically use for CPAP and BiPAP machines and heated humidifiers. It should not be used to purify drinking water; but it can be used for other products where distilled water is suggested such as steam irons, car batteries, plants and fish tanks. Unlike conventional drinking water filter pitchers which do not remove calcium, our H2O 4 CPAP Mini ion-distilled filtering cartridge is designed specifically to remove calcium and other minerals from tap water to protect the health of sleep apnea patients. Simply insert a filter cartridge into the H2O 4 CPAP Mini base unit and pour tap water into top of the bottle. In just minutes the unit makes ion-distilled water ready for use in a variety of applications. Always empty the bottle completely after each use. Store the EZ Distilled bottle containing the moist filter in the refrigerator when not in use.

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