DreamStation Go - Heated Humidifier




Introducing the DreamStation Go heated humidifier. Now you don’t have to give up the comfort of humidification while you’re on the go. With its water-saving technology, the convenience of using tap or bottled water, and a compact design, you can enjoy heated humidification anywhere your travels take you.

DreamStation Go’s heated humidifier has been designed to use tap, bottled or distilled water so travelers don’t have the inconvenience of packing or purchasing distilled water when they arrive at their destination. It features water-saving technology designed to provide a full night of heated humidification by actively monitoring ambient conditions and therapy settings and automatically adjusting moisture delivery when humidifier target time is enabled. Also, in the event your patient underfills or forgets to fill the humidifier, our heater plate shutdown feature will take over to prevent dry, uncomfortable air from being delivered to the patient for the remainder of the night.

  • Water-based heated humidifier is designed to use any potable, i.e. drinking water
  • Water-saving technology designed to manage the device’s water usage evenly throughout the night
  • Philips’ first PAP heated humidifier to offer automatic heater plate shutdown
  • The only heated humidifier with micro-flexible 12 mm tubing

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