Cannula Comfort Cushions - 1 Pair

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Cannula Comfort Cushions are soft and flexible, widening the surface area of oxygen nasal cannulas, where they touch the face, to prevent painful indentations and pressure points. Cannula Comfort Cushions easily attach to any standard cannula (or any mask with a similar narrow strap).

Cannula Comfort Cushions are made of soft, extremely flexible, medical grade silicone. Designed to provide crease protection and tube support for your face, Cannula Comfort Cushions also prevent tube collapses, shifts and rolls while letting you wear cannulas comfortably, 24-hours-a-day, even when you sleep!​

Cannula Usage: 1. Lay your nasal cannula tube on a flat surface with the nasal barbs pointing toward you. (The curvature of the barb should be facing downward.) 2. Place one of the cushions under the tube with its groove facing up. (For best results, ensure the cushion is about 3/4" away from the nasal barb.) 3. Press the tube into the groove and place the cannula on your face as you normally would. 4. Enjoy true cannula comfort with no pain, no creases, and no indentations. 5. When replacing your cannula, just remove the Cannula Comfort Cushions from your existing cannula and apply to the new one.

Face Mask Usage: To use Cannula Comfort Cushions with a face mask, place the mask on your face, then tuck cushions under the elastic straps and insert them into the cushion's groove.

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