Boomerang Gel Pad for CPAP Masks

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The Boomerang Gel CPAP Mask Pad helps increase sleep comfort by decreasing leaks and eliminating pinching and pressure at the bridge of the nose. Compatible with both nasal and full face masks; the soft pad sits on the bridge of the nose providing added cushioning and enhancing mask seal.

The Boomerang Pad is made of a polymer gel manufactured from a proprietary USP grade mineral oil including essential oils. Pads are available in two sizes -- PetiteSmall and MediumLarge -- to fit a wide range of users. Boomerang pads are non-toxic, fully washable, hypo-allergenic, Latex free and silicone-free.

SIZES: The PetiteSmall Boomerang Pad measures 3.4 inches at its greatest width and 1.25 inches at its greatest height. The MediumLarge Boomernag Pad measures 3.7 inches at its greatest width and 1.4 inches at its greatest height. If you're uncertain of which size will be best for you, upgrade to a Starter Pack with both sizes when adding the Boomerang to your shopping cart.

USAGE: Before each use wash the Boomerang Gel Pad in warm water using mild soap. Rinse thoroughly with clean water prior to applying to skin. Place the pad on the bridge of the nose and then fit your mask as usual over the pad.

STORAGE: Store only in original packaging. Do not store or place on any other surface.

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