Silent Night CPAP Mask Liners – 30 Night Supply


Silent Night liners are innovative and effective, yet easy to use.



• Micro Pillow™ Fabric Technology – The Micro Pillows™ are designed to act as a series of barriers to significantly
reduce air leaks.
• Antibacterial/antimicrobial fabric is treated to prevent growth of odor-causing bacteria and fabric
deterioration caused by mold and mildew
• Easy to handle fabric designed to resist curling and forms nicely around the mask.

User Friendly

• Secure the liner to your CPAP mask using repositionable Quick Stick™ tabs.
• Adjust the positioning of the liner by simply removing and reapplying the Quick Stick™ tabs.
• Keeps mask cleaner and reduces mask cleaning time.
• Remove the liner for mask washing and re-attach for use.


• Moisture within the mask is wicked away by the liner.
• The risk of developing unsightly facial pressure marks from using your CPAP mask may be reduced.
• Soft, cushioned fabric improves nose bridge comfort.

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Weight 0.5 lbs (Approximate)

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