Pur-Sleep CPAP Aromatherapy Vapor Clear Sinus Blaster Pack


Clear and refresh your sinuses as you sleep. The PurSleep CPAP Aromatherapy Vapor Clear Sinus Blaster Pack lightly scents your therapy air with essential oils specifically designed to make breathing easier.


What’s Included?
The CPAP Aromatherapy Vapor Clear Sinus Blaster Pack includes 2 x 5ml Essential Oils (Clear & Calm), 1 Diffusion Stand, 4 Reusable Diffusion Wafer Pads, and Small Zipper Bags for Wafer Storage. Packaging may differ from photograph shown.

Clear & Sooth Your Sinuses
Essential Oils include the minty-fresh Clear and the mild and lightweight Calm. These oils lightly scent your therapy air and are designed to clear and sooth your sinuses.

Create Your Perfect Sleep Environment
Using the PurSleep Aromatherapy to replace chemical smells with pleasant scents can vastly improve your sleep environment. Just put a few drops of Essential Oils on a Diffusion Wafer and place it in front of the filter.

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