Sleep8 recommends that all PAP machine tubing, and masks be sanitized daily to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria growing in these that can lead to respiratory sickness. Bacteria can multiply exponentially even within 24 hours.

You are able to safely sanitize the mask and tubing. If you choose to clean your water chamber, please be sure to remove and empty and dry the water chamber thoroughly before placing in your Sleep8 bag.
Many CPAP manufactures do NOT recommend that the machine itself be subjected to ozone sanitation. This is one of the benefits of Sleep8, we do not need to subject your machine to ozone sanitation to clean your mask, tube, and water chamber. Certain other cleaners may void your CPAP's warranty.

Yes. Sleep8 can be used to sanitize any PAP's (Positive Airway Pressure) mask, as well as it's heated or non-heated tubing.

Yes. Sleep8 will safely sanitize all CPAP tubing, heated and non-heated without any adapter needed.

Yes. Sleep8 is portable and can be easily packed in a suitcase or carry-on bag for air travel.

Sleep8 recommends changing your bag when you change your CPAP supplies, or every 90 days.

If the bag becomes soiled, you may wipe it clean with a dry cloth. The bag contains a filter that should be kept dry. The Sleep8’s activated oxygen system fully sanitizes whatever is in the bag, as well as the interior of the bag itself.

If the device becomes soiled, you may wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Do not get the device wet, as doing so will void the warranty.

This is a charcoal filter. It safely filters the activated oxygen that is pumped into the bag during the sanitization process.