Your device is equipped with a self-diagnostic tool called “Performance Check” This tool can evaluate your device for certain errors. It also allows you to share key device settings with your provider. Use Performance Check when directed to by us, your provider. At the conclusion of the scan the screen displays a green check mark if no issues are detected. If device displays a red “X” please contact us your medical device supplier for assistance.

Yes. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is available for purchase. Depending on your therapy pressure, you will likely get 1 to 2 nights of use on a charge. DreamStation Go set at 10cm of pressure displayed average run time of 13 hours* when running off the Dreamstation Go overnight battery. A fully depleted battery has a recharge time under 5 hours. *PAP run-time test conditions: CPAP mode, pressure 10 cm H2O, 12mm tubing, 37LPM of leak, 73.4 F room at an elevation of 1650 ft.

Yes. To use the battery pack as an UPS (uninterruptible power supply), keep the battery pack plugged into the power source and connect to an AC outlet. This will allow you to use the battery pack continuously without losing charge.

If you are traveling to a country with different voltage than the one you are currently using, a different power cord or an international plug adapter may be required to make your power cord compatible with the power outlets of the country to which you are traveling.

If you want to use your DreamSation Go on the airplane, advanced notification is required by the airlines. The airplane in-seat electrical power is available on a limited number of aircrafts so you will need to check with your airline and they will let you know of any requirements or restrictions that apply. The airline will let you know what type of power outlet is available in flight and you will need to purchase the needed adapters if required. A more simple option is to purchase the optional battery pack for use inflight.

Absolutely. The DreamStation Go was designed with a useful life of over 5 years of nightly use.

Your clinician or medical device supplier can set therapy pressure for you if your needs change after receiving your device.

Yes. DreamStation Go will automatically compensate therapeutic pressure to altitudes of up to 7,500 ft.

Presently DreamStation Go does not support a heated humidifier. However, we are currently working on a solution for DreamStation Go.

There are a number of heat moisture exchangers (HME) available on the market to support waterless humidification. While there is nothing preventing you from using an HME with DreamStation Go system, we cannot vouch for their effectiveness.