CPAP Hose Lift V5.5 Tubing Suspension System

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Don't be fooled by imitations! The original CPAP Hose Lift by Arden Innovations is the stronger, lighter, and more convenient than the many imitation devices on the market:

The CPAP Hose Lift is made of ultra-durable lightweight anodized Aluminum with metal connectors so it is sturdy and solid but weighs under 6 ounces! An interior tensioned shock cord runs down the center of the system to the molded fiberglass base, so that it is practically self erecting with no loose parts to misplace or lose. The updated base features a redesigned deep socket mast connection for increased stability and a larger overall surface area for added support.

The Hose Lift's tubing loop easily accommodates standard as well as heated CPAP tubing and comfort accessories like fleece wraps. The integrated mask hook means that you have a ready made storage space for your mask when you take it off during the night or in the morning. Just hang up your mask and, when a twist is placed into the hose upon first assembly, the mask will magically swivel out of your way whenever it isn't in use.

Great for home and travel the hose lift is universally compatible -- slipping under and secured by any and all mattress systems or any other weighted object. On the road it folds down easily into the provided travel bag and can be packed in with your CPAP or stowed away in your luggage or carry on.

CPAP Hose Lift v5.5 includes a reversible double bend mast, just above the mask hook, so that you can reduce the height of the hose lift and increase the overall reach depending on which setup is more convenient for your personal use.

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