White P8 Battery for Transcend 3 & Micro Series CPAP Machines

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Whether you're on the road, in a plane, off the beaten path, or at home in bed the Transcend P8 CPAP battery won't weigh you down. Weighing in at just 1.1 Pounds it will power your Transcend 3 or Micro Series CPAP for 14-16 hours on average for multiple nights away without the need to recharge.

How can Transcend get by using such small, compact, lightweight batteries? The answer is simple: Innovative electronics that don't need much power, lithium ion batteries like those used in laptop computers, and no juice-guzzling humidifier heating element. With Transcend Batteries you get a full -- or multiple -- night's sleep anywhere you choose.

Each battery pack system comes with an integrated charger that operates by connecting to the Transcend Universal AC Power Supply. Batteries can also be charged using the Transcend DC Mobile Power Adapter or Transcend Solar Charger both of which are available as optional accessories. There is an LED charge indicator built into the battery pack.

Transcend Battery Systems can also be used to provide uninterrupted backup power during storms and brown outs. Simply connect your battery system in series with a Transcend CPAP using the Universal AC Power Supply and the battery pack will take over instantly in the event of AC power loss. When AC power is restored the battery will recharge automatically -- even while the CPAP is in use!

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