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At less than half a pound, and comfortable sitting in the palm of your hand, Transcend Micro is the smallest, lightest Auto-CPAP device on the market.

Don't let it's tiny size fool you though, Transcend Micro is packed with premium comfort features like auto-adjusting pressure, an adjustable ramp, expiratory pressure relief, quiet operation, and optional extras like HME humidification and a battery pack. And... it's compatible with any CPAP mask too!

The World's Smallest CPAP

Weighing less than 0.5 lbs. and less than 4 inches wide, the Transcend Micro is the smallest, most portable CPAP currently available. It looks great on a bedside table at home and can function as your primary sleep therapy device; but it also packs easily into carry on luggage, a backpack or a purse so you can get a good night's sleep wherever you are.

A Full Featured Auto-CPAP with Comfort Extras

Yes, Transcend Micro is incredibly small; but it's also a full featured auto-CPAP machine that monitors your breathing and automatically adjusts therapy throughout the night to ensure you're receiving the optimum pressure for a comfortable and successful night's sleep.

Transcend Micro's GentleRise Ramp feature delivers a lower pressure when you begin therapy so that falling asleep feels more comfortable and natural. GentleRise then gradually increases pressure over time until you reach the optimum level. Plus, it’s adjustable, so you can fine-tune your ramp times or turn off the ramp entirely to suit your personal preference.

In addition to ramp and auto-adjusting therapy, Transcend Micro includes AirRelief EZEX Expiratory Pressure Relief which makes it easier and more comfortable to breathe while you sleep by reducing pressure on exhalation.

Compatible with Your Favorite Mask!

The Transcend Micro is compatible with any CPAP mask. Simply connect your mask to the provided Transcend Micro Airflex hose and sleep your way. There are no adapters or special mask packs to worry about, just use the mask you like best.

Portable Power Options

The Transcend Micro comes with an AC (wall) power adapter for when you’re at home, at your cabin, or at a hotel. For time away from fixed power consider the optional Transcend PowerAway P8 portable battery. The PowerAway P8 will power your transcend for 1-2 nights while camping, flying or traveling and it can also be used as a backup Uninterruptible Power Supply for unexpected power outages at home.

Say Goodbye to Excess Moisture

The Transcend Micro’s convenient drying mode removes excess moisture from your mask and tubing when you wake up each morning. Simply activate the 30-minute drying cycle when you stop sleep therapy and Transcend Micro will deliver a steady stream of air through the hose and mask so they're dry and waiting for you the next time you're ready for sleep.

Transcend Micro is Quiet

Featuring unique air-bearing blower technology coupled with built-in sound and vibration dampening, the Transcend Micro delivers a quiet, restful night of sleep, unnoticeable to users and bed partners alike. Attach the Transcend WhisperSoft muffler to the device for extra comfort.

Compliance Data at Your Fingertips

Transcend Micro users can take an active role in CPAP sleep therapy with MySleepDash, a mobile application that keeps you informed about your sleep. From information about your therapy hours to pressure and leak summaries, MySleepDash enables to you monitor your nightly CPAP therapy and progress. You can also quickly review the settings of your device, access Frequently Asked Questions, and download or share your compliance with your healthcare provider. In addition to the MySleepDash App, Windows PC users may download Transcend Desktop Software to view data on a computer.

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