Portable Outlet UPS Battery for CPAP & BiPAP Machines

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The Portable Outlet UPS Battery is a powerful, lightweight, lithium-ion battery solution in a compact, travel friendly package.

The Portable Outlet UPS Battery is a powerful, lightweight, lithium-ion battery solution in a compact, travel friendly package. Portable Outlet will power your CPAP or BiPAP for an entire night. It can be used as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) so your CPAP will continue to function during unexpected power outages.

Power When You Need It

The Portable Outlet UPS Battery is easy and convenient with a standard AC Port (US / North American) so you can plug your CPAP directly into the battery without any special adapters or connectors. It will power most CPAPs for 1.5 to 2 nights at typical settings. An easy-to-read color display directly on the battery will alert you to power levels and battery status.

Uninterruptible Power Supply with AutoSwitch

Not only is this battery great for travel, it's an ideal backup power solution for home too. Attach the battery in series between your CPAP and the wall and then rest is simple... Thanks to AutoSwitch Technology, if your power goes out, due to a storm or other anomaly, the battery will take over automatically ensuring you continue to receive restful, uninterrupted sleep therapy. When the power comes back on it will automatically recharge so it's ready the next time you need it.

Extra Features For Added Value

As an added bonus this battery includes some intelligent extras such as a built in USB port for charging other small electronic devices like phones, cameras or tablets. The LED power indication light will let you know when it's time to recharge.

Ready For Your Next Adventure

The Portable Outlet is the ideal travel CPAP battery solution for wherever life takes you. It meets all FAA regulations for use on commercial flights, and it's also great for use when camping, biking, or during unexpected power outages at home.

More than Just a CPAP Battery

The Portable Outlet is designed for use with CPAP and BiPAP Machines; but you'll find lots of additional uses for it as well. With both AC and USB Power Outlets the Portable Outlet can be used to power (or act as an uninterruptible power supply) for a wide variety of devices in and around the home including lights, radioes, televisions, phones, computers, mini-fridges, gaming devices, coolers, fans, and more!


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